WTWP’s Gallery of Writing is ready . . .

I just received approval and confirmation of WTWP’s space in the National Gallery of writing, sponsored by NCTE.  Here’s the URL: http://galleryofwriting.org/galleries/2329457.

This is open to any WTWP TC and you can submit only one piece.  I have to approve all pieces, so don’t worry about non-WTWP folks sabotaging our gallery.

If you want to get a gallery for your class or other group, it’s very easy.  It took over a week to get WTWP’s up and running, so plan ahead.  You can get started here: http://galleryofwriting.org/about_national_gallery.php.


Congratulations to one of our own:

Josh Nance is now the Assistant Principal of Ridgemont Elementary School.  A teacher consultant from Summer Institute 2008, Josh returned in 2009 as a SIFT-er.  Way to go Josh!  You deserve it.  Here he is in SI 2008 with fellow TC Heather.

National Day on Writing is Oct 20 and WTWP has registered for a gallery

Yesterday I registered WTWP for a local gallery in the National Day on Writing, October 20, sponsored by the National Council of Teachers of English.  They will let me know within 5 business days if we are accepted. 

It will be for all TCs of WTWP and you can submit any original piece of writing, and it can even be stuff you’ve submitted before for WTWP publications, provided you revise it a little.  Here’s a great chance to contribute to a national celebration of the importance of writing in our lives, from post-it notes to blogs to novels, and to offer the nation and the world a taste of the awesome writings from WTWP Teacher Consultants.  I think a person can only contribute one piece to each gallery, so you have to choose carefully. 

When I know more about the submission process, I’ll let you know.  Meanwhile, you can check out the web site if you want to register another group, such as your class, school, university, book club, etc.