WTWP carries on!

The West Tennessee Writing Project still exists, I promise!  I just have not been writing on this blog in quite a while (has it really been almost two years?).  

Some updates: in March 2011, NWP was cut from Federal Funding because it was considered an earmark.  Luckily, though, writing projects sites were still able to apply for grant funding through Title I SEED money.  Instead of having one pot of money devoted to NWP only, now the NWP grants are part of the larger pot of Educational Funds available.  The RFP’s came out in March 2012 for several kinds of grants, each one worth $20,000 (although, sadly, not requiring matching funds from the university).  WTWP applied for and received a Teacher Leadership Development Grant to fund the site’s major projects from July 1, 2012 to June 30, 2013.  The programs include: 

1. A Fall Writing Retreat (Writing on the Water, Paris Landing, TN–dates TBA)

2. A Summer Institute in 2013

I am happy that WTWP continues on!  

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