Young Writers’ Clubhouses ready to go for 2010-2011

All dates and locations have been finalized for the Young Writers’ Clubhouse series for 3rd-8th graders, 2010-2011.  Memphis has been added to the list this year!

You can register online here:

Brochures will be mailed out soon and also will be made available on both WTWP web sites.  Here’s a link to one: YoungWritersClubhouse2010_2011Redesign

Here’s a quick rundown of the dates, locations, and themes:
Oct 2- Martin (Gooch Hall)  “Food for Thought and Writing”
Oct. 30 Ripley (UTM Ripley Center) “Harry Potter Halloween”
Nov. 13 Memphis (Immaculate Conception Cathedral School)  “Food for Thought and Writing”
Dec. 4 Jackson (St. Mary’s School) “Marvelous Magazines and Comics”
Jan 29 – Martin (Gooch Hall)  “Writing with Music”
Feb. 12- Jackson (St. Mary’s School) “Script Frenzy”
Feb. 26- Ripley (UTM Ripley Center)  “Digital Storytelling”
Mar. 5- Memphis (ICCS) “Blast into the Future: Science Fiction”

WTWP’s Gallery of Writing is ready . . .

I just received approval and confirmation of WTWP’s space in the National Gallery of writing, sponsored by NCTE.  Here’s the URL:

This is open to any WTWP TC and you can submit only one piece.  I have to approve all pieces, so don’t worry about non-WTWP folks sabotaging our gallery.

If you want to get a gallery for your class or other group, it’s very easy.  It took over a week to get WTWP’s up and running, so plan ahead.  You can get started here:

National Day on Writing is Oct 20 and WTWP has registered for a gallery

Yesterday I registered WTWP for a local gallery in the National Day on Writing, October 20, sponsored by the National Council of Teachers of English.  They will let me know within 5 business days if we are accepted. 

It will be for all TCs of WTWP and you can submit any original piece of writing, and it can even be stuff you’ve submitted before for WTWP publications, provided you revise it a little.  Here’s a great chance to contribute to a national celebration of the importance of writing in our lives, from post-it notes to blogs to novels, and to offer the nation and the world a taste of the awesome writings from WTWP Teacher Consultants.  I think a person can only contribute one piece to each gallery, so you have to choose carefully. 

When I know more about the submission process, I’ll let you know.  Meanwhile, you can check out the web site if you want to register another group, such as your class, school, university, book club, etc.

Writing on Water is October 15-16

Mark your calendars everybody: October 15-16 is the annual Writing on Water retreat just for WTWP TCs.  Held at beautiful Paris Landing State Park Inn in Paris, TN, this is a chance for us to get away from it all for two days and just write with like-minded people.  Most of the cost is picked up by WTWP.  You pay only $35 for a night at the Inn and four buffet-style meals at the Inn restaurant, where there’s plenty of fried catfish, pecan pie, and other southern delights. 

Here’s the brochure in PDF form and you can also access it from both WTWP web sites, clickable from the images on the right.  Hope you see you there! 

Writing on Water_Retreat Brochure 2010

gifts for SIFT-ers

All I got was a lanyard

OK, I had to post these in addition to my autographed baseball pic.  Jenny got a lanyard and Lana received a Toro hat and catalog.  These thoughtful gifts were purchased by the WTWP teacher-participants of Summer Institute 2010 in response to Jenny’s hilarious reading of Billy Collins one morning for Literary Storehouse and Lana’s lawnmower story that had us all in stitches.  What a great group of SIFT-ers and teachers! 

baseball and writing

As you can see, I received an autographed baseball from Turner Field as a parting gift from the teachers of the Summer Institute.   Go Braves!  All the teachers signed it.  Thanks especially to Doug B for thinking of me when he visited Turner Field and thanks to everyone again in the Summer Institute for a great four weeks together.

Another summer institute wraps up . . .

. . . but this is only the beginning.  14 brand new fantastic teachers participated this year, plus JennyB and LanaW as SIFT-ers, and what a crowd we were (and still are)!  I can’t say enough about the quality of the teaching demonstrations, the writing, the camaraderie, the  . . .the . . . well it was all good.  And lunch at Opera House to celebrate was delicious.  Thanks everybody for making this a summer to remember!

Day 14 of Summer Institute 2010

It’s day one of this blog about WTWP, but already day 14 of the 2010 Invitational Summer Institute.  Melanie S reads from Shit my Dad Says, which is a hilarious collection of real sayings that some dude’s Dad says.  It started as a Twitter about his Dad, and now the dude has a book deal.  See where these blogs can get you?  Think Julie and Julia.   So, friends, keep on writing.  Ya never know where it might take ya!