gifts for SIFT-ers

All I got was a lanyard

OK, I had to post these in addition to my autographed baseball pic.  Jenny got a lanyard and Lana received a Toro hat and catalog.  These thoughtful gifts were purchased by the WTWP teacher-participants of Summer Institute 2010 in response to Jenny’s hilarious reading of Billy Collins one morning for Literary Storehouse and Lana’s lawnmower story that had us all in stitches.  What a great group of SIFT-ers and teachers! 

Day 14 of Summer Institute 2010

It’s day one of this blog about WTWP, but already day 14 of the 2010 Invitational Summer Institute.  Melanie S reads from Shit my Dad Says, which is a hilarious collection of real sayings that some dude’s Dad says.  It started as a Twitter about his Dad, and now the dude has a book deal.  See where these blogs can get you?  Think Julie and Julia.   So, friends, keep on writing.  Ya never know where it might take ya!