2013 Summer Institute is May 11 and June 3-13

Calling all excellent teachers in West Tennessee!

The Invitational Summer Institute is back, now in its official 20th year! The Dates are May 11 and June 3-13, 2013. 52 Renewal Points and a stipend will be awarded to teachers who complete the institute, all funded by a SEED grant from the National Writing Project.  Here are the quick details in MS Word:  Summer Institute 2013 details

Here is the brochure in PDF: WTWP_summer institute 2013 brochure

And here is the application form: WTWP_SI_2013 Application

Deadline to apply is April 15, 2013.


Wrap up of 2012 Summer Institute

Eight teachers earned 52 Renewal Points at UT-Martin by participating in the 20th Invitational Summer Institute of the West Tennessee Writing Project, May 12 and June 4 -­ June 14, 2012.  Teachers shared demonstrations on using writing across the curriculum, learned how to incorporate more technology in their teaching, and honed their writing skills in small peer groups.  Teachers participating were from the West Tennessee Counties of Carroll, Dyer, Lauderdale, Madison, and Weakley.  Doug Billings, from Lauderdale Middle School, was the co-facilitator of the group.  The group will meet again in Fall 2012 and Spring 2013 for Saturday follow-ups to share new writing, new teaching strategies, and updates on teacher inquiry.

gifts for SIFT-ers

All I got was a lanyard

OK, I had to post these in addition to my autographed baseball pic.  Jenny got a lanyard and Lana received a Toro hat and catalog.  These thoughtful gifts were purchased by the WTWP teacher-participants of Summer Institute 2010 in response to Jenny’s hilarious reading of Billy Collins one morning for Literary Storehouse and Lana’s lawnmower story that had us all in stitches.  What a great group of SIFT-ers and teachers! 

baseball and writing

As you can see, I received an autographed baseball from Turner Field as a parting gift from the teachers of the Summer Institute.   Go Braves!  All the teachers signed it.  Thanks especially to Doug B for thinking of me when he visited Turner Field and thanks to everyone again in the Summer Institute for a great four weeks together.

Another summer institute wraps up . . .

. . . but this is only the beginning.  14 brand new fantastic teachers participated this year, plus JennyB and LanaW as SIFT-ers, and what a crowd we were (and still are)!  I can’t say enough about the quality of the teaching demonstrations, the writing, the camaraderie, the  . . .the . . . well it was all good.  And lunch at Opera House to celebrate was delicious.  Thanks everybody for making this a summer to remember!